Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of scientific computing, with a focus on computational partial differential equations and variational problems. Specific applications include plasma physics, solid-mechanics, liquid crystals, porous media, and other complex fluid and electromagnetic problems. I am interested in both physical modeling as well as numerical computation using various finite-element methods and multigrid.

Here is a list of my Publications. and here are some "cool", but now somewhat dated movies of my past research.


Together with Xiaozhe Hu (Tufts) and Ludmil Zikatanov (Penn State), I am one of the authors of HAZmath: A Simple Finite Element, Graph, and Solver Library, which provides basic finite element and graph routines.
PhD Students

Current Students
A list of the PhD students that I have advised or co-advised in the past is found on the Mathematics Genealogy Project.
Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Each semester, I help co-organize a research seminar with graduate students and faculty on computational and applied mathematics.
The meetings can be informal, but often include an invited speaker. See website for more details.
Invited Talks and Visits

Plenary/Keynote Speaker Invited Workshop Talks
Short-Term Visits Colloquia/Seminars